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Let the Muslim speak
Let the tide stem!
They speak their mind
And you want to bomb them!

Free speech, Mr. Bennit
Is not an Islamic tenet!
It is a democratic hold
Not a theocratic bent!

Take the US as example
Freedom's stretched taut!
Democracy is of the West
Not some ancient thought!

You smug son of a bitch!
How dare you pretend?
How dare you imagine
Islam is ours to bend!

This is not an exercise
In free democratic speech?
You could not be more wrong
In your tyrannical screech!

Let the US abide by its god(s)!
Its gods of war and bombs
Let those that know speak
Of their own right and wrong!

Your piety is only surpassed
By your ignorance of a sphere
Of which you fathom only
Deep seated torment and fear!

God-Bennit! Do you not see
That the God you speak upon
Seems to be mass murdering
The God of a speechless Islam!

mrp thepoetryman

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