This is the new blog...CONFESSION ZERO


Damn hard to espy all this madness,
e’en be sobbing, trembling, tomorrow...
Horror, anger, hatred, sheer sadness;
complicitness, and loathsome sorrow!
Sights and sounds! Death and dying!
Gut kicked, head split, protruding eye!
Round and round inside my mind!
Stop it! Turn it away! Continue lying!
Tell me what I fancy hearing! Tell me!
Hell! I can be bought! I can be swayed!
But just stop this, my trembling, today!
Christ! Tell me I’m dreaming, I’ll believe!
I can no longer this grim madness discern,
nor can I gaze upon the vigor of sweet life
drained needlessly for a goddamned profit!
So do it! Murder them! Just make it quick!

The Madness of Empire

War Propoganda

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