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(Dedicated to the fine people of rightwingsparkle.)

A little boy was fitted with new legs,
Toys, he thought, that needn't winding
Click, click, click…Boom!
Two little girls, sisters lowered to their nest
Youth stolen, like their dear mother in June
Click, click, click…Boom!

2,292 troops hunkered down for eternity
Defending country from phantom weaponry
Click, click, click…Boom!
205 coalition forces snuffed out so soon
Defending ghosts wrapped in patriot cloak
Click, click, click…Boom!

You say Bush rarely makes the safe choice
With that, dear friends, I’ll not disagree
Click, click, click…Boom!
Ask the 16,906 US troops wounded in action!
If you could but ask the 50,000 dead Iraqi!
Click, click, click…Boom!

Do you honestly think George Bush is a hero
That you’re safer for his killing an erroneous foe
Click, click, click…Boom!
Shore up the troops not self-annihilation
Democracy dream jumbled in civil war gestation
Click, click, click…


Casualty Counter

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