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Let us look upon this thing called war;
Remembering its unwavering lessons
in the arid land of these hard events.
Trampling o`er what is ancient with what is fresh
we've lost our original sovereignty
which should remain our foundation.
That which sprang to birth in righteousness,
that which was bestowed upon the dawn
should be lifted to better beginnings
not go from purity to cold-blooded murder.
They chained their liberated sufferers to steel bars
in filth ridden palaces where their screaming
fell upon the desecrated ears of empire.
We forgot our flowers, forgot our sacrifices.
Their streets are filled with the dried bones
of brutally murdered children,
of wishes for new beginnings,
of craving for freedom's ring,
of gleaming a sovereign face,
of faith in mankind's prayer.
...Let us look upon this thing called war...

Plato Philosophy

Crimes of War


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