This is the new blog...CONFESSION ZERO


“That’s right! Yeah!
Spank the little boys!
Kick the shit out of `em!
Ya! Ya! Damn! Ya! Ya!”

Oh! Corporal, this is your idea of fun;
ruthlessly beating young Iraqi men
kicking them, head-butting them
one lying lifeless in the Muslim sun?

Hell! You asked for it Blair, here it is!
Abuse of the living, abuse of the dead
A real shining moment caught on tape
all that’s left now is sodomy and rape!

Why stop at beating them? Kill them!
Isn’t that what war is meant to be?
Maiming, killing, looting, death,
all on video for the profiteers to see?

Round up all the brown skinned devil-dogs,
beat on them and slice, do their blood spill!
Forget the failed policy of everyday torture,
Kick, slap, punch, torch, and then shoot to kill!

Hell! Let’s just save some time and money!
Declare victory (again), pack up, fly home
to hero’s welcome and tickertape parade!
Then fly back over and drop the atom bomb!

That’ll teach `em to bring it on…

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