This is the new blog...CONFESSION ZERO


Bang! Iraq is restless!
Iran in full seizure!
Boom! France is unemployable!
Taylor heads for The Hague!
Bam! Bang! Jill Carroll is freed today!
Boom! Moussaoui and Abramoff cuffed!
Bang! Bam! Russia enthralled in America’s bluff!
Boom! Boom! Christian Right’s collating control!
Bang! Bam! Boom! Boom!
Drop your allegiances of doom!
Lop off this loyalty with the motherland!
Impede the march of brooding OneWorldOrder!
Smack down in irons, fists, give not light to its dawn!
Smother pretense its egg, remove its sinister seed!
Bang! Bam!
Bam! Bang!

This; our world, awaits with her immaculate lips...




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