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"A word of advice, always capitalize the big concepts; it guarantees their self-destruction.
The quest for Freedom ends in oppression;
the quest for Prosperity ends in impoverishment;
the quest for Truth ends in dogma;
the quest for Art ends in over-priced kitsch.”
Belacqua Jones

Clickety clack! Bam and boom!
We’re stuck in war’s
political vacuum!

Bam! Boom! Learn the lesson!
When freedoms end
in oppression!

Boom! Clang! Nothing is free!
Prosperity masticates
upon poverty!

Clang! Slam! It’s time to bleed
when lies trump truth
becomes the creed!

Bam! Boom! Count to three!
Implore that our talents
might set us free!

Clang! Slam! Boom! Bam!
Clickety clack and
a rat a tat tat...

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