This is the new blog...CONFESSION ZERO


9/11! 9/11! 9/11!
What’s that you say?
War on terror! Terror!
Iran! War! Terror! Iran!
What’s that you chant?
Quash dissent! Dissent!
What’s that you rant?
Bumbling and babbling
Flat wrong! Dead wrong!
Fetid and un-true!
It’s wrong!
Carry on!
Hopes slain in you
Hope splattered through
Flat wrong! Dead wrong!
Carry on!
Sending indicators
Deep in the sand
Terrible, ghastly gestures
Reverberate `cross the land
It’s wrong!
Dead wrong!
Now why don’t you carry on!
Do not use liberties for freedoms sake
Do not raise your head and state
Democracy lives!
It’s wrong!
Carry on!
Democracy kept secret
Democracy kept quite!
It’s wrong!
Dead wrong!
Now why not carry on!
They might listen
They might sense
Freedom’s ring
Over plummeting bombs


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