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BBC News: Moscow urges Hamas to transform
--The talks mark a break in ranks between Russia and other members of the so-called Middle East peace Quartet.
Israel has expressed anger at Russia's invitation to Hamas, with one minister calling it a "stab in the back".--

Today the blanket was cleaved from off the bed
As America leaned toward self destruction
Hunkered down in perplexity
Caused her to backslide
And trip tongue
In her early hour

Hamas, some said, need voice to pop and spatter
As America slouched over its liberty trough
Parched for breath- and sanity
She measured her creed
Giving a wink overseas
In her early hour

Today the blanket was ripped away from her
As America shivered now bare- and barren
Her promises (or mirrored fears)
Caused her to slip back
Ponder the reflection
In her early hour

Moscow gripped the corner and hauled it off
And America cowered away from the light
Bent in painful despondency
While worlds erupted
And slipped the knot
In her early hour


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