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The room where the killing occurred appeared to be a prayer hall. The floors are carpeted and the walls covered with religious posters. The tape showed a tangle of male bodies and spent 5.56mm bullet casings on the blood-smeared floor - the kind of ammunition used by the US military. "In our observation of the place and the activities that were going on, it's difficult for us to consider this a place of prayer," said US military spokesman Barry Johnson. "It was not identified by us as a mosque, though we certainly recognized it as a community gathering center. I think this is frankly a matter of perception," he added.

Pray! Pray upon your knees!
Beseech the sanctimony
Of thou beast!
Implore it lay down
In wounded bed!
Gnarled, racked, and headless,
Thy beast leans on the canvas
Toward its dwelling,
In its wake
Heaving pocks,
Hackled wishes,
Lacerated dignity!
Brushed in prayer,
Bent in supplication,
Pleading with supremacy,
“Have mercy on us!”
An ignited resolve
An explosion of man
Pierces the hall of prayer
And paints them home...

BBC- Firestorm Over Deaths

Collateral Damage?

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