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Your words walk upon wobbly legs
And you’ve built a dictator in your tears.
Now you hope to stem the tide;
Let you seek truth, ingest veracity,
Speak against these, our captors,
Flail anarchy of your words, pulsating
And shuffling walls of sand and bone,
Quiet forced armies frigid onslaught
Now caking boots with blood
For the belligerence of tyrants
Strutting out preposterous slack jawed death.

O! In this smooth-tongued frozen creation
Let you retrieve the broken language
And assemble that oft idle courage,
Remain ever graceful
Eye to eye and with not a wisp of hubris
Erect in you your desirable fortitude.
Strike hard, whip-fast within,
Wallop and wrangle our minds
With red-hot American conflagration.
We're needing courage summoned
For all our trembling. It is time!

HUFFINGTON POST- Sandra Day O'Connor

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