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"Beneath this stone rests a soldier of Washington's army who died to give you liberty."

As we now peer over the congregation of the dead
Let us walk reverently past Potter’s Field;
Dim all the lights `round Liberty’s crown,
Fade then upon the Unknown Soldier.

Let us anon shine our light upon nameless patriots!
For to remember the sacrifice, the blood,
We mustn’t destroy; infest with agony
The shadow of a world ready of love.

For they arranged a sea that has lost its mariner
And their nobility granted us with mighty oar
Which we’ve cuffed upon the world
Encased by grave at torment’s door.

If any look upon us, asking why we kneeled down,
Can we not say we acted with all our power
To rid us this murderer of countless man
Whose sword slaughters from within?

"There are chilling signs that the lessons of Abu Ghraib have not been learnt."

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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