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First the storms… silence
Shards of glass, bone, blood
Where’s the splendor?
The soul of Iraq?
Have we forgotten;
The narrow lines
The pristine shape
The rightness
The beauty?

The land, sun, sky, waters;
Yes, then trees, mountains, waves
And rain, rain… the rain?
Faces of the children and mothers
Hands of the fathers and brothers
Backs of the aunts and uncles
Feet of the traveler
Ears of wonderment
Eyes of desire?

It comes into you, a violent flow
Resting near you, your craving, hope.
It sidles up to you, breathing.
Its child takes your hand
And leads you quietly there;
Standing before you, a sculpture
Paintings pirouette
Photographs smile
Poems enfold you.

First the storms… silence
Rubbles of art and story; beauty.
Iraq takes hold your heart
Leads you to the truth of her;
The people, the sand, the sky
The theatre, the dance, the dream
The pristine shape
The rightness
The majesty…

Have we forgotten?

... wasfiakab ... Delair art ... Ali al Tajer ... Iraqi Artist alsafiart ...

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