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"the United States, it is likely to be used only during periods of significant political unrest affecting countries near to the United States. Such unrest, quite apart from its impact in creating a large number of refugees, may constitute a serious threat to the United States, which could result in the deployment of military forces. This contract requires an immediate stand up of facilities that will receive a large influx of refugees. It is
anticipated that the refugees will not speak the language, and the circumstances may
involve a hostile environment within the camp. Consequently, a potential for violence will exist in the camps. While there may or may not be a deployment of U.S. troops, there certainly will be a deployment of border patrol and other law enforcement agents, in a quasi-military manner."

"The administration has not only the right, but the duty, in my opinion, to pursue
Fifth Column movements. I stand by this president's ability, inherent to being
commander in chief, to find out about Fifth Column movements, and I don't think you need a warrant to do that." -- Senator Graham Senate Judiciary Committee hearings (02-06-06)

The Fifth Column’s encircled in taunting wire

The petite golden broods were skipping upon
the road when they heard intense construction
near a riverbank. They topped the hill near the
water’s edge and giggled, because they thought
they shouldn’t see, but they peered over.
They saw huge beams being erected and witnessed
the colossal rolls of violently pointed wire and the
distant noise and movement of godlike machinery.
As they observed, a huge man came up behind them!

“Hey! What the hell are you damned kids doing here?”

The children screamed in terror and quickly fell away!

“I better not catch you here again you little bastards!”

The man waved to the machines...

...they did not wave back.

The fifth column’s encircled in tumbling wire;
Yes! It won’t be long! It won’t be long now
`til the wobbly giant, America, slumbers again,
Nestled in her veneer of fervent patriotism.
Protracted in her brightly cleaved almighty!

It won’t be long now that night won’t sleep,
When its faces wrinkle with bewilderment
Of our day’s horror tapping on shackled feet
And we see that there is no escaping torment.
(Barbed wire is not very forgiving of dissent)!

A brazenly deluded sentinel is immovable.
Insurmountable walls give not of your care.
The daggers of empire’s wolf gnaws the flesh
That cowers in servitude and shrouded despair.
(Is this truly what we most desire; our dying)?

Are we to subserviently offer to take our place
At the wanton trough of jaw-gaping oppression?
Is it our desire to end such freedom in disgrace,
With our children bowed in their broken spirit
And bloodied at the watery hands of surrender?

The fifth column’s encircled in tumbling wire;
It won’t be long! Tyranny shall not delay;
It waits on nothing, not even America’s fire
Nestled in her veneer of colorless flag waving
And jangle of, “home of the free and the brave”!

Inspired by a post on A la Gauche

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