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O! Humanity flying down!
Will thou not catch thyself and stay a while longer?
Can you not hear the music within you;
The sweet reverie of morning warble,
“Live… Live… Live…”?

Look to your sky not to your feet.
Look to serenity not to the eyes of oblivion.
Look to the children dancing in the night.
Look heavenward! Right thy journey!

See the bird’s wing aloft in splendid flight,
May not you be like her and stay a while longer?

O! Humanity slipping `way!
Do not forsake this world! Stay within her arms!
If you turn `way and face not the writhing truth
You’ll let slip a fragile magnificence
And her children will laughter end

A Poetic Justice Video (2min 37sec)

Caution- gut wrenching content. Music- Jennifer Athena Galatis- Voices of Rome--Jerusalem... Violin solo by Tariq Harb
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