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O! Katherine the (not so) Great
Let us join the thinking all `round you,
Make-believe, if joining tis not your passion,
Lift lifetime of thou breath and hold inward,
Pray that your bright carriage arrives in time
Upon the truth's errant powder now settling.
Fetch then your luggage and box and sack
And towel and bowl and cup to carry `bout
And dispense truth to us, the peasantry; clarity!
Fill each appetite’s pocket with magnified glory,
Feed the masses freedom’s delectable meats,
Knock back generosity's prize, liberty’s libation
`Til we whimper, "Goddamnit! Enough! Enough!
Freedom's chalice now runneth over! Enough!”


Catherine the Great (Interesting parallels...)

Watch this video! (Some strong language.) Grand Theft America

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