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So it’s come to this…
A rabid dog in a fetid room.
One. One. One. One. One.
A lone juror broke the back of our mighty

One juror sang the aria of forgiveness
While the rest blared U-S-A.

O! Seal the shining ramparts!
Shore up the reserves!
Summon the free and the brave!
Glean the twilight's last sparkle!
Send in the death squads!
Man has wavered, once again.
It’s the lick of blood we want, Goddamnit!
Not prison! Not shackles! Not cable TV!
It’s revenge we want.
Not a godawful
shanking in the yard.
Not justice.
It is an eye for an eye we need, Goddamnit!

Kill the Arab man!
Devour his children!
We needn’t have costly trials.
Kill them all! Nuke `em!
Arab, Muslim,
Blast them all to hell, Goddamnit!
This destruction needn’t waiver.
We will march and we will kill.
And kill and kill and kill, Goddamnit!

Our tragic day calls for the world
To suffer in abject misery!
America will see to it, Goddamnit!
We’ll see them all burn and choke
On the pungent stench of hubris!
We’ll watch as they bend and split
In reprisal’s honored annihilation!
Blow for blow, Goddamnit!
Limb for limb, Goddamnit!
And hell for Goddamned hell!

Copyright © 2006 mrp

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