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Rove's Demolition
The roof of heaven’s whole
Dropped down yesterday

As if a planned demolition;
Story by story she came tumbling,
Slip-knotting tongue, Lie-splattering lips!
The entire luminary came with,
As if a God-bomb had been leveled,
As if upon a house of sticks,
Clipping-truth, distorting-whisper, censoring turncoat!

(No more security clearance.
No more blossoming smirks
No more spin of your collusion.
No more freedom, autonomy, liberty!
The irony’s palpable!)
The world felt the sky's fist plunge
Willfully into America’s wanton throat;
Strip-mining souls of human-monstrosity,
And wickedness whispered no more!

(Be done with it!
You traitorous bastard
Of the progeny of Satan!
You've now your just deserts!)

The sky lunged forth into misery
And extracted her source.
The trees bowed down, limbs, like colossal headstones,
Wedged into the red ground
Making a gruesome sound
That echoed across the world.
Suddenly, out of the chaos, rose the children’s voices,
"Freedom’s come at last!”

Copyright © 2006 mrp
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