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Mama's don’t let your little boy grow up to be evil....I stopped in at

The Aristocrats

first thing this morning because I felt like shooting hot coffee out of my nose!
Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t recommend that, however, I certainly recommend “
The Aristocrats !

Mama, I so, so wanna grow up to be president!
I don’t wanna be a fireman or a policeman
Or dentist or doctor! I wanna be president!
I wanna bend the people’s hope and shape it!
I wanna ride in big cars with bulletproof glass!
I wanna NOT be held accountable for death!
I wanna disassemble words I learn in class!

Yes, Mama! I wanna be president of this land,
And lie, cheat, and screw the common man!

I wanna be called Mr. President, Lord, or King!
I wanna have a first gal and a dozen second pals!
I wanna strip the rights of girls, yes you, Mama,
You need me to pry your legs apart so life can sing!

You need me to squish bugs and not scream!
To slay bad boys and girls asleep in their dreams,
And cover the sidewalks in their body’s juicy red!

I so wanna be president! Commander in chief!
Who cares if the whole world wishes me dead,
I’ll just nukuler them till they bend of my fright,
Till they worship me `n say I do everything right!
If they don’t I’ll nukuler them again just for spite!

It matters not my soul `n hair trade colors in time,
What matters, it seems, is committing violent crime!
I’ll have jets to fly me, not some crappy little car!
I’ll have Air Force One to fly me `round this world!
A jet! Not a tiny car! Cars are for icky little girls!
Oh! I so wanna be the Oval Office resident!
Can I, Mama? You can be the vice president!

Copyright © 2006 mrp
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