This is the new blog...CONFESSION ZERO


(6 minutes and 13 seconds)

This video serves as both the poem and the visual... I posted the poem below the video...I recommend watching the video to the end as the poem ends the production.

Look around you.
Ever wonder what empire looks like?
The smell of unbridled kingdom?
The quake of its resonance?
The touch of its oppression?

Well, thanks to President George W. Bush,
And his uncontrolled horde of crooks,
These senses are now tangible.

Clattering the frame of humanity.
Rumbling the ceiling of heaven.
Splintering the whole of faith.
Clanging the chord of dread.

Those that laugh at the thought of an American Empire
are either asleep, drugged or dangerously ignorant.

Wake your goddamned wits!
Drop your goddamned charade!
Cease your goddamned pretense!

Look around you. Look around you. Look around you. Look around you.

Copyright © 2006 mrp
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