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I think that we are all given freedoms and liberties by the Constitution but I think the one God-given freedom and right that we really have is freedom of choice. The moment we tell ourselves that we no longer have that choice is the moment we take that one freedom away. The only freedom we have. (More...)

Beneath the fast day,
Behind you... a shadow walks in step
Following you toward your end…

Under the creamy night,
Within you... a silhouette mimics your dance
On the heels of your soul…

(If you think this man's a coward,
Your shadow’s gone astray.
If you think of him as a traitor,
Your silhouette has lost its way.)

Does courage have the face
Of shattered children?
Does honor still have meaning
When it becomes just a word?

Our beast always crouches
In temptation’s bloody run;
Follow the demon away from truth,
Or turn and stride beneath the sun.

Copyright © 2006 mrp

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