This is the new blog...CONFESSION ZERO


Let's make a lethal dose,
For me and for you...
A recipe, of sorts,

ADD 1 part FEAR of terrorism
(Terrorism itself it be)...
ADD 1 part FEAR of gayness,
Or homosexuality-

Add 2 parts ignorance
(Bleached white ignorance
On a scale not seen before,
Until ignorance wore a cowboy hat
Cleared brush,
And left the constitution
Soiled upon the floor.)

Stir (spin) for twenty seconds.

Add a chicken-hawk liver
Soaked in brandy,
Toss in a dash of grated intolerance,
Three cups of chopped lies,
One teaspoon of half truth,
Add a can of yellowbelly peas,
A pinch of pepper for taste (affirmative action),
And bring to a boil in an armored Humvee
On a Middle Eastern range
For an unspecified amount of time
Or until it boils over.

(Caution: The architect of this recipe,
Nor his perception,
Is responsible for your
Assured death at ingestion.)

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