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Only a society that has ceased to value that reasonable context of discussion (in other words, only a society that no longer really cares about itself) could enthusiastically make significant room for someone like Coulter, who rakes in profits by making up lies and "entertaining" people by demanding the deaths of those she hates. And American society today makes room not only for her, but also for an entire right-wing movement for which “eliminationist” rhetoric has become the norm. This is a society that no longer trusts itself, that is incapable of seeing its citizens as citizens and therefore as worthy of respect.

O! Mouths that bridle the sneering air,
Minds horrible of this;
Irrational expressions,
Flabbergasted lies,
Damnable discourse!
You are loud as limbs,
Shrill as death,
Evil as murder!

You are eradication’s soldiers
Armed in deceit,
Fortified in hateful corruption,
And wrapped in dogmatic shrapnel!

O! Minds entertained by your thrusts
Have been put to sleep by the noise,
By the incessant rumbles,
Entertaining droll mugs,
Telling us,
“Life’s a gas!”
“All is well!”

Your mouths bristle the sneering air,
Jaws made despicable by your howling
Toward corruption’s wanton bride,
You're planting your seeds intolerably deep,
Scratching the bowels of hell,
And dipping our roots in death’s slag,
You scoundrel-dogs,
You witches misery!

O! You scraggly saw-toothed snipers
Mustn’t be given America’s credence!
You must be challenged forthrightly
And not given reign of our trust.
Truth must reel your despotic cretin
To the draggled bottom of anguish,
Leaving you to choke on your venomous,
Empty expressions!

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman

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