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"I am convinced now, that the lives of Congolese people no longer mean anything to anybody. Not to those who kill us like flies, our brothers who help kill us or those you call the international community. Even God does not listen to our prayers any more and abandons us."
Salvatore Bulamuzi, a member of the Lendu community whose parents, two wives and five children were all killed in recent attacks on the town of Bunia, north-eastern DRC. - from an Amnesty International 2003

We are asking, calling across the freshly turning earth,
The beautiful and loving people of the Congo beseeching,
Begging for your hand to curb the horror eating the flesh
Whose bleached bones have fallen of their bone-dry perch.
Where night swallows the meek the day lines them up,
And orders them to stand together in aching hordes.
Dark masses of thy souls lined upon the African shores
Waiting your word, thy cleaving spirit upon their aggressor.

With hemorrhaging lips they beseech thy worship! Heed them!
The children, the innocent die so young beneath your eyes,
Congolese refugees bestride the pained land of red forest,
And are drowned in the massive torrent of the eternal cries,
Trampled in a gloomy stampede of thy children’s rage!

We beseech you to hold back this; thy monstrous discharge,
Thy blood thirsty apathy and intolerant savagery; death!
"In all this misery, you can buy a poor man with a piece of soap."
Despotic oceans abound, why should thy children suffer them?
The stampede of death, twelve-hundred per moon lifted away,
Swept into the chasm of thy brood’s fury gushing forth of breath
Gnawing the flesh of innocents, discharging their essence at will.
Cease this madness, we beseech thee; call off the folly of death!
Slip your command of rage; clothe them in love’s shining armor.
Thy power requested, put your hand to it and ply thy sacred stroke.
The children, your design are calling thy name. Do you not hear?
Where night swallows the meek, the day lines them up. No more,
Finish this; thy collection of death, thy wrathful scope of war!

Copyright © 2006 mrp

Thanks to Renegade Eye

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