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You with
Your hairy full stern faces of fiery bottom’s witchery,
You with
Your yellow spines bereft of an iota of valor,
You with
Your Beelzebub lips shitting forth a craven confusion,
You with
Your vacant eyes swimming of jaded rhetoric,
You with
Your cuckolding the asbestos burdened air in weak-kneed butchery,
I say to hell with the whole damn lot of you unholy sycophants!

Go ahead and pinch off your fecal-end of maliciousness and seditiousness
And your bile-filled words wrought from damnation’s bungling lexicon.
Bray upon the low road, bellow within the vile sewer of your lies.
You goddamned soulless creatures have seen your everlasting final day!
Your last day where you are not met by most wicked and wailing wrath,
Unmet by citizenry consuming your depraved and hopeless declarations.

In Dante’s Inferno of unbearable, ceaseless screeching damned darkness,
All shall witness your skull-cracked, spine-split, loveless passing
And spit upon your shadow as you flail and wail the ultimate descent.
Malkin, Coulter, Hinderaker, Limbaugh, Horowitz, and the like,
It would behoove you to belly up to Jesus while you’ve the chance.
Drop to your Tupperware knees and fervently beseech his forgiveness.
Pray that his bloody fists do not rain down Hell on your comeuppance!

You with
Your devil’s axe-in-the-back bewitching gaze,
You with
Your lowly spittle-driven bunker-bombs,
You with
Your odious goddamned quarrel,
You with
Your last dash, your final sound, your deep pocketed lies,
You with
Your whore’s logic and godless-jawed baneful tongues,
These, your words, will fall upon the deaf ears of those living
Now long abused where planets tremble.

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman

Inspired by Unclaimed Territory

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