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The Lebanese prime minister has called for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah militants, saying his country "has been torn to shreds".

Weathered bureaucrats, old men, what will you leave us?
You might be right in your warring when men go mad,
But what of your feeding, your strategy, your lessons?
What might we say that you’ve fastened upon our backs?


You erected the walls and wept for many a perished soul,
You lobbed and thrust your fury against tyranny’s door,
And sent brave guns mounted of triumph over destruction;
But why didn’t you build a path leading out of empty war?


Had you known would you have laid stones along their way?
Took note of burning landmarks in front of each rifle’s aim?
Sang of peace instead of war, love songs instead of anthems?
Stayed home creating love, instead of a tide you couldn’t stem?


War is human; it just doesn’t send its own children to do the killing.

Copyright © 2006 mrp

Lebanon Torn to Shreds

Americans Flee

Israel Pounds Lebanon

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