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On July 27, 2006, former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was interviewed by MSNBC, and to convince his audience, Netanyahu used an analogy from a movie. He asked Tucker if he had seen a movie called, "The Alien." He said that Hezbollah in Lebanon is like the alien in the movie, who lived in the host's body. Then, at a critical moment, the alien jumps out of its human host to kill its enemy by surprising him. By doing so, the alien kills its human host. The analogy here is that Hezbollah is destroying Lebanon, its host.

It was astounding to me because Hezbollah is not an alien to Lebanon. It represents the Lebanese people who want to free them from the Israeli occupation. It rather applies exactly to Israel and its supporters, who control the United States through their control over the political system, financial system, and the media. They have been dragging the United States to fight their wars of subjugating other nations. During this process of permanent war, they are destroying their American host to the last dollar!

Yesterday, July 28, 2006, Bush and Blair talked after their meeting in the White House about the Israeli war of destruction on Lebanon.
Bush spoke of the necessity to find a lasting peace in the Middle East through addressing the root causes of the conflict, a statement he has been repeating for more than a week.

According to Bush, the root cause of the conflict in the Middle East is the Hezbollah attack on Israeli soldiers and capturing two of them. That's it, cry if you want or hit the wall. This is the longest Bush can go back in history.

So, the conflict, according to George Bush, started just three weeks ago. He never mentioned the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories that has continued since 1967. He never mentioned that Hezbollah is still resisting the Israeli occupation of the Lebanese territory of the Sheba'a Farms. He doesn't want to remember or know that the Israelis have been imprisoning more than 10,000 Arab prisoners, including Lebanese prisoners, whom Israelis have refused to release.

It is astounding that the President of the United States doesn't dare to say anything critical of Israel to the extent of making himself susceptible to jokes about his ignorance and stupidity, around the world!

For Blair, it was astounding to hear him explaining further what the conflict is all about. He said bluntly that it is caused by an Islamic ideology that moves Muslims around the world to fight these wars. He even named Kashmir, Chechnya, and Palestine (in addition to Lebanon). So, the implication is that there's something wrong with this religion of Islam, which pushes Muslims to be violent. For Blair, this is the root cause of the conflict.

Well, let me tell the three of you and your followers that the root cause of conflict in the world is the Zionist movement that controls the US and the UK in particular and NATO in general. It uses them to fight Israeli wars to subjugate Arabs and Muslims.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, there was no hostility between the US-UK and the Arab and Muslim worlds. When the US-UK exploited the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in that year to occupy the Arabian Peninsula, a conflict started right away. Alqaeda was born to drive the US forces out of Saudi Arabia and the climax of its attacks was in September 11, 2001.

Before Bush invaded Iraq in March 2003, Iraq was not a threat to US or the EU. It had no weapons of mass destruction, and had no links with Alqaeda. As a result of the US-UK occupation of Iraq, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed, the country has been a failing state, and an ugly civil war has been raging. The 2,500 US soldiers would not have been killed by Iraqi resistance and the 15,000 injured US soldiers would not have been maimed had there not been a US-UK occupation of that country.

The problem between Palestinians and Israelis is the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza since 1967 and the Israeli refusal to withdraw and grant Palestinians their rights according to the known UN resolutions. Even after withdrawal from Gaza in September 2005, Israeli occupation forces never stopped their death and destruction raids over that beleaguered Palestinian territory.

The problem between Lebanon and Israel is the **Israeli occupation of the Sheba's Farms and the Israeli refusal to release the Lebanese war prisoners.

The problem between Syria and Israel is the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights and the Israeli refusal to withdraw from that Syrian occupied territory.

The problem between Iran and Israel is the attempt of Israelis and their supporters who control the US-EU to deny Iran possession of nuclear power. If this happens, then Iran may support Arabs to liberate their occupied territories.

Think about what happened when Israelis withdraw from the Egyptian territory of Sinai, there has been permanent peace between them that lasted ever since.


Yes, Benjamin
Puncturing through
Cleaving our rabid flesh
This alien host
Now kneels upon beautiful Lebanon
With a final lunging forth of our end

The smoke laden air her mouth
Your cunning her speech

Never did mountains quake so in stillness
Nor the mighty oak crack
Until empire with its kingdom-sword
Leapt out of our hunger

Yes, Benjamin
There is a sponsor
Cleaving the innocent
Israeli and Lebanese
Cowered of your host’s shadow
With a slack-jawed horror

Copyright © 2006 mrp

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