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Shhhteady your drunking hand Hitchens,
You dishhhturbed and inebriated curmudgeon!
Crowding the sun to let shhhlip your blather
Your stupendoushhhly-shhhlurred tongue on Iran;
A safe bet! A sure thing! An easy plunder!
No matter how much you shhhlur`n drumble,
No matter how hypocritically you totter
You go and shhhqueeze one off `bout Mahmoud
Drabbling on `bout know-nothing “bupkishhh”
“Who want’s a-”! “Satanic”! “Lies”! “Messhhhiah”!
Swilling on `bout World War Three bullshishhht!

Who, Mr. Hitchens, is looking for a war here?
You! You! You belligerent useshhhless mishhhfit!
You, Mr. Hitchens, are looking for a shhhkirmish!
A bump! A shot! A lift of your red-cheeked eshhhteem!
You blathering-ego-maniacal-vacillating-shhhlurring-twit!

You miserably, and idiotically, launched a saucy war!
You fired your toxshhhic close-range dirty-bomb finger
In hopes the children would just shut up and lishhhten!
Abshhhorb your shhhlurrr-filled drivel of Armageddon!
In hopes that the weak-kneed would shriek in terror
And shhhtand agape at your schhhtupified shhhtumbling!
(World War Three comes and you’ll need your sauce
To lick wobbling pejorative upon the ignorant schhhlups
Waiting in droves to hear your shhhilly shhhlurred schtick!)
You're a shhhtumbling, shhhlurring, schhhnockered clown!
Do usshh all a favor and just shhhut the "middle-finger" up!

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman

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