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I was reading through some sites this morning and came upon this at Al

Our world is blessed with some truly world-class intellects. We must engage them to engage with us simple folk. We have brain power at our disposal and we need them dearly. Like say, Dr. James Zogby and Professor Juan Cole. We need you to teach and lead us. Engage with us and give us a hand. The politicians like say the Republicans and the Democrats and whomever can please excuse themselves right now. You’re not helping. As an example, how about Bare-ax Oh-bomb-uh and his wanton desire to blow the bejesus out of Iran. How does that help senator?
We need to engage with Hamas and Hizbullah and Syria and Iran and oh mercy, won’t that upset the creases in Karl Rove’s pajamas. George Bush is still to this very day trying dearly to figure out what exactly is a “Hizbullah.” Oh it’s true alright. Given that the deathly “al-Qaeda” is a CIA invention, do we continue on with a status quo or engage with Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri? Yeah, there’s death and horror on all sides of this current terrorist mess. The United States and Israel are as much “terrorist” as is the H, H, and al-Q axis of whatever. We must engage on all sides or fronts or what the hell ever. The current quagmire of comprehensive slaughter cannot continue. Jeez George, knock that killing crap off right now. You’re not helping. You’re hurting a lot of innocent folk and it’s no longer acceptable. That applies equally to Ehud Olmert. What is wrong with you? Jeez Hud, if you don’t want to talk with Hamas or Hizbullah, sit down and shut up. Let someone else give it a try. Professor Kwiatkowski? Paging Professor Kwiatkowski. America is waiting on you. Raimondo? Rivero? Jones? Sharpton? Dr. Dean, you need to sit down and be quiet. Anti-Semitic? You maudlin dope. What were you thinking? Were you thinking? Finally to that nice Saudi photographer lady, I’m still waiting for that call. We’ve a revolution to get started. Engage with me and let’s change the world. Scott...Ritter, where you at son? Don’t give up now. There’s work to do and our world needs your expertise. Richard Thielman? Where you at son? Come on we need you. Engage and that will be the hard part. For certain! (More

Flags again are sensed in our empty gesture,
Tied to so many unimaginable transport,
Stabbed in America’s brittle lawns,
Impaled deep in the freshly wet green of wealth,
Staggered and airless in the crying fields,
Flapped against pickup truck and Humvee;
Nationalism etched in freshly waxed exterior
To twisted frame of the fallen and dead ideals.

We are lifting broken families into the air
Aloft in the explosion of mourning
Without comprehending our rage.
The dead, suspended in bomb's brown sky.
Children are odes instead of laughter,
Funerals instead of schools,
As fear invades their ambitious eyes
Draped in the shadow of war.

We are lifting children up to casualty
While our flags they must be flying!
Hymns of righteousness must be sung,
Anthems exploded… void of comprehension.
Flags fan the air where shrapnel pierces,
Penetrates the steel shell of our lust,
Pitching compassion into the oily cloud
Racking torturous battles upon the world.

There is no national anthem or flag or war
That can lift the soil from off the innocent.
There is not a god with the claws of gravity
To raise this; our soulless murdering.
There is but one mercy for our violent flow;
We must erect a statue as high as the heavens
Made of all of our guns and tanks and bombs
And watch as, one by one, God molds them into stars...

Copyright © 2006 mrp thepoetryman

Engage Not Rage!

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