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The bombing near the Imam Ali mosque in Najaf on Thursday ignited fresh sectarian passions that lingered over sermons in Shiite and Sunni mosques. Some Muslim clerics wondered if Iraq has slipped too far, becoming a nation where the sounds of weeping mothers and praying imams are lost in the din of kidnappings, explosions and slaughter.
"We lost all our feelings. We are saying goodbye to our sons everyday," said Khaled Hassnawi, a Sunni imam, in his sermon at the Sheik Abdul Kadir mosque in Baghdad. "Wherever you go you see the blood of Muslims being shed. When will this time pass? When will those playing with this fate be satisfied?"
Speaking at the largest Shiite mosque here, Imam Sayed Nail Musawi said: "These adversities that you are seeing everyday are like training for us. God is testing our patience ... The incident in Najaf, who was killed? Poor people in the market. More than 30 were martyred. Najaf's sacredness was violated by this attack."
But even on a day of prayer, violence continued across the country. The bodies of six blindfolded and tortured men were found west and east of Baghdad. A roadside bomb near of northern city of Kirkuk exploded near an Iraqi police convoy, killing two policemen and injuring three.
17 Iraqis Killed in Fighting, Attacks on the Green Zone.
--21 Killed in Series of Baghdad Bombings

When death, anon, grows teeth
And the sun hovers in certainty
And deceit’s all barren, shattered,
And quarrelling gun’s their clatter,
Splendid homes gone flat of bomb
And explosions prized over blood,
Might it then be deemed civil?

The mouth in this does now smirk,
Grins in approval of his madness.
Even as lips prepare to burst and
Limbs congregate to blow apart
The king in this sips of conceit
To the mourning’s raised blade
Far from the rough-edged street.

Tipped in the brush of confusion
Painting now in red, pink and bone;
O great Cradle of Civilization
Budding in narrations account,
Guns and bombs pierce the history
Of your ancient and joyful land,
Let not this madness be her end.

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman


17 Iraqis Killed in Fighting- Attacks on the Green Zone

21 Killed in Series of Baghdad Bombings

Clerics in Iraq decry sectarian violence

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