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(Ben heine - Cartoons)

It's very simple.
If the Prophet -p- has been reported to have said that we (Muslims) and they (the Jewish people) are so alike that we are like two shoes of a pair, then what does that tell you?(

“I used to think the wounded would someday rule,
but, sadly, methinks they’ve been ruling all along." -tpm

A bloodstained dagger stands before a mirror,
A long mirror with deep, shimmering glass,
And the dagger, looking at its reflection,
Sees nothing less than flawless magnificence.

O! Mirror!
Mirror that stands before the world,
What would your eyes have us see?

“It’s blade, the righteousness of divine instrument,
It’s handle, the humble embrace of the ordinary,
And the blood, the fated sacrament to Him.
A guiltless and benevolent perfection; God.”

O! God!
God that oversees this swirling gale,
What would your eyes have us see?

“Avarice desire of power stems from hubris
And mirrors are useless to self-importance,
Save for thy reflection of a distorted character.”

O! Character!
True character that guides our hearts
What would your eyes have us see?

“The sadness that, even to the dagger, is invisible.
The innocent gutted by its blade is not manifest,
And the insignificance of its ignoble quest.”

O! Olmert!
Olmert, lounging with empire,
What would you have us believe?

“The blade is God’s will, His divine will and testament,
The handle assures God’s blade its steady slash,
And the blood is a corollary of God’s divine air."

O! God!
Again, what is it you would have us see?

"The mirror and the dagger… two shoes of a pair."

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman

(Ben heine - Cartoons)

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