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Unhinged Rise


(Ben heine - Cartoons)

Bush called the Military Commissions Act of 2006 "one of the most important pieces of legislation in the war on terror" as he signed it into law at the White House on Tuesday.

The new law means Bush can continue a secret CIA programme for interrogating terrorism suspects.

The White House has refused to describe what interrogation techniques will be allowed or banned.

Bush said the law will also allow intelligence professionals to question suspects without fear of being sued by them later.

He said: "This bill spells out specific recognisable offences that would be considered crimes in the handling of detainees, so that our men and women who question captured terrorists can perform their duties to the fullest extent of the law.

"It is a rare occasion when a president can sign a bill he knows will save American lives. I have that
privilege this morning."

I would like, sir, to add to your merriment,
To your grand smugness and amusement.
I to you commit my every breath,
Every waking moment I’ve left...
To your ruin.

Not of those in your charge, but you, sir.
You’re the theme of my contempt, my rage.
You’ve trampled children,
Murdered mothers and fathers
In your pitiless, unhinged rise.

You’ve lit this inferno with your own hand,
Plied a hubristic temper and warring spirit.
You, and only you, shall grace my crosshairs.
My spirit shall sit in wait for you
Near your dreadful throne.

Through the cracks left of your heavy tread,
Through the fog upon your path to empire
You will sense the eagerness in my words
Burning your ears as the truth rips wide
The phantoms speaking through my verse.

Your scattered clothes; their ashes blowing
Like the bodies you incinerated so violently,
Will lift high in the winds of truth and goodness
And your unholy reign shall fall hard upon the trees
Never again to readily ignore the wings of eternity.

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman

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Ben heine - Cartoons

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