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A Pakistani teenager who entertained street crowds by walking on hot coals and sticking knives through his arms has led scientists to find a genetic defect that renders its carriers unable to feel pain.
Scientists at the University of Cambridge in England pinpointed the cause: a defect in a gene that codes for a protein on the surface of pain-sensing nerve cells.
They found mutations in a gene for a particular protein called the 1.7 sodium channel. This is a sort of gate that opens and shuts on the surface of the nerve cells. When the gate opens, sodium ions flood into the cell, causing it to fire. In children with the defect, the gate is welded shut. So their pain nerves cannot fire.
A report in the journal Nature details six individuals with the mutation in three related families. They feel no pain, but are apparently normal in every other way, sensing both touch and temperature.

We must be unhurried.
We must be tender.
We must return
the soldier’s gaze
with some reflection.

Banish the pain.

Remember it is not a motion picture
of dogs and rabbits or funny little elves,
it is happening,
it is real,
its teeth, gnawing.

Banish the pain.

Now is the moment,
the time to recall the redness
of these events,
write them down,
record the words.

Banish the pain.

We must forget our pride.
We must forget ourselves.
We must remember the providence of man,
of those who say goodbye in the broil;
the unknown measure of war.

Banish the pain.

Without apology or resentment
strive for all humanity;
the beautiful faces, red desire, soft pulses,
dreams of hope, tranquility,
triumph of goodness.

Banish the pain.

We must honor humanity
with a burning exactness,
a studied thought, a selfless heart.
We must honor the gravely broken earth
filled with the victims of war.

Banish the pain.

Now is the moment,
the occasion to document-
Odd that we should lovingly etch
upon war-carved headstones
rest in peace”.

After meeting with Pentagon leaders, President Bush says he would continue to develop his own review of the war policy in Iraq. The president rejected ideas he had heard from some unnamed quarters that would, he said, "lead to defeat."
Bush Rejects Ideas That 'Lead to Defeat' in Iraq
-by Guy Raz

CUADP - Memorial to all victims of war

Impeach Bush and banish the pain...

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