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1 Climber Found Dead on Mt. Hood; 2 Still Missing
December 17, 2006 • (AP) -- Rescuers looking for three missing climbers on Mount Hood found a body Sunday in the area where one of the climbers made a distress call a week ago, authorities said.
The dead climber had not yet been identified, said Pete Hughes, a spokesman for the Hood River County Sheriff's Office. The victim was believed to be one of the three missing climbers, authorities said.

They had taken off their clothes
And their naked souls dripped upon the snow
Covering the mountainside.
Each drop then filled with light
Forming an infant star.

Down the mountain, miles below,
Hundreds of small flowers blossomed
And we delighted in the fragrant colors.
Mankind sparkled, and mountains
Swayed in remembrance.

Hundreds of years away an eagle lifts off
And we delight in its gloriousness
Of flight under aged stars,
And those same flowers bloom
And we find delight in their nakedness.

Never let it be said that these men did not triumph,
For they've lit the sky and emboldened the world...

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman

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