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The Right Brothers Are WRONG (Ann Coulter song rewrite)


A parody on the banal song "I Love Ann coulter"

Watch this video to get a taste for the lyrics and then read my take on the song. It's just a silly song (poem) mocking an even sillier song by the Right Brothers.


She’s got nasty hair... skinny legs….
And a FOX-News intellect!
She’s a plagiarizer…a bulimic dieter,
I just hope she’s into jumpin' off ledges!

She captures neocon hearts
Sells lies from the start
I know the tramp’s so damned pecuuuulllliar…
I can’t stomach Ann Coulter!
When all I wanna do is choke her…
And have her see her final E-K-G...
Just like she does... in my dreams!

I wonder, “Do they want to be her boyfriend?”
Cause they’ve gotta be a wheezin’...
Tellin’ Ann that she’s their fantasy.
They gotta see a man is their lover…

No way in hell they’re in love with Ann Coulter!

Each time her mouth’s upon their vertical fantasy
Or they look in her orbs they know
She’s charging them a whorrrrrin' fee…

They can’t be in love with her!
When all I wanna do is choke her
And have her see her final E-K-G
Just like she does in my dreams!

Fools memorize her pages
Just like Mark-pedo-Foley!
Imps quote her books at work
With their Godless smirks
They don’t live in reality!
There’s much they don’t know of her
But by the day they’re gettin' bolder,
Tellin’ me I want tyrrrrrranny,
I should be on my knees to her
Cuz they’re in love with Ann Coulter!?

No way in hell they’re in love with her!
How the hell can they be in love with her?
No way they’re in love with her…?

No way in hell they’re in love with Ann Coulter!

If you can handle an overabundance of inane lyrics and banality then venture to the links below.

(This blog is not responsible for the possible brain damage that may occur from visiting the following sites.)

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