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BAGHDAD, Iraq - Ten U.S. troops were killed in Iraq on Wednesday, a major blow on the same day a high-level panel in Washington recommended gradually shifting U.S. forces from a combat to a training role.
The bipartisan Iraq Study Group released recommendations for changing course in the country, saying
President Bush's policy in Iraq "is not working." The Iraqi government said the U.S. report did "not come as a surprise," and it agreed that Iraq must take the lead in its own security.
"The situation is grave, very grave in fact, and cannot be tolerated," Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh said on the pan-Arab satellite TV channel Al-Arabiya. "Absolute dependence on foreign troops is not possible. The focus must be on boosting the Iraqi security forces." -By KIM GAMEL, Associated Press Writer (
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Coiling. Blooming.
Rumbling capital.
December 05, 2003.
Sounds of distant
Holidays’ ...booming.

Cities long past their autumn.
George W. Bush.
Trees scraping
The squatting luminaries.
Burnt orange are the trees.
Dick Cheney.

No pleasure in frigid lifelessness…

Dogs howl
The scowling moon.
Bill Frist.
Pitiless are the mongrels
Greedily devouring children.
Condoleeza Rice.

All of this in the name of
A calamity-glooming worship.
Fred Phelps.
Under horrifying expressions
And last rites.
Donald Rumsfeld.

Boiling. Booming.
Shrieking center.
December 06, 2006.
Deafening noise
Over motionless homes.
Deus ex machina.

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