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The word "madrasah" also exists in many Arabic-influenced languages such as Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Indonesian, Malaysian and Bosnian. In the Arabic language, the word مدرسة implies no sense other than that which the word school represents in the English language, such as private, public or parochial school, as well as for any primary or secondary school whether Muslim, non-Muslim or secular. Unlike the understanding of the word school in British English, the word madrasah refers in American English to a university-level or post-graduate Islamic school. The correct Arabic word for a university, however, is Jami'ah. The Hebrew cognate "midrasha" also connotes the meaning of a place of learning. There are some madrasah-like institutions also in North America and in Europe.
A typical madrasah usually offers two courses of study: a "
hifz" course; that is memorisation of the Qur'an (the person who commits the entire Qur'an to memory is called a hafiz); and an target="_blank"'alim course leading the candidate to become an accepted scholar in the community. A regular curriculum includes courses in Arabic, Tafsir (Qur'anic interpretation), shari'ah (Islamic law), Hadith (recorded sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad), Mantiq (logic), and Muslim History. Depending on the educational demands, some madrasahs also offer additional advanced courses in Arabic literature, English, and other foreign languages as well as science and world history.
People of all ages attend, and many often move on to becoming
imams. The certificate of an 'alim' for example, requires approximately twelve years of study. A good number of the huffaz (plural of hafiz) are the product of the madrasahs. The madrasahs also resemble colleges, where people take evening classes and reside in dormitories. An important function of the madrasahs is to admit orphans and poor children in order to provide them with education and training. Madrassahs may enroll female students; however, they generally study separately from the men. There are examples of all-female madrassahs.
South Africa, madrasahs play an important role in giving after-school religious instruction to Muslim children who attend government, or private non-religious schools. However, increasing numbers of more affluent Muslim children attend full-fledged private Islamic Schools which combine secular and religious education. Among Muslims of Indian origin, madrasahs also used to provide instruction in Urdu, although this is far less common today than it used to be.

Musharraf's clampdown on foreigners linked to the Taliban and al-Qaeda shows that international pressure can work. It is what will determine if and when the government will enact tangible madrasa reform. International acceptance of the military's domestic manoeuvres in exchange for support in the war on terrorism risks more extremism in the not distant future that will be hard to contain. Wavering by important international actors, especially the U.S., will not only increase extremist threats to Pakistan but eventually also undermine global security and stability. (More at
International Crisis Group on Pakistan Madrasah...)

(A Poetic Justice Collage)

This sword is one of the three swords which the prophet Muhammad acquired as booty from the Banu Qaynaqa. It is also reported that the grandfather of the prophet Muhammad discovered "swords of Qal'i" when he uncovered the Well of Zamzam in Mecca. Inscribed on the sword in Arabic is "This is the noble sword of the house of Muhammad the prophet, the apostle of God."

“Oh! Yes!
Do tell me more about this magnificent and ancient item and of the madrasah!

Tell me, I want to learn of it.
What it is?
Who attends?
The languages spoken?
Tell me!
Do the boys and girls in this madrasah carry the sword of Qal'i,
Striding in, ready to slaughter us westerners?
Are they skilled savages?
Are they intolerant?
Do they smell?
Tell me why do they hate the west?
Are they jealous of our freedoms?”

Hold thy insolent tongue!
You’ve not come to learn!
You’ve come to fear!
There will be no evil bared here.
Go home and search beneath your feet.
Gaze upon thy willful ignorance,
Ogling its many twisted and foolish faces.

Here you will not find your banshee.
Here is not the place you need begin.
Return upon these peaceful roads
Along which joyous wanderers
Come seeking her corridors of tradition,
Her sun rising as majestic as yours
Yet setting altogether differently…

You will not find your war within her walls.
You will not find your impertinent ghost.
There is more here than your rigid and flag draped illusions.
More than your warring determination and ashen visage.

You might had found her had you come seeking,
But you’re simply full of pale ideas.
You should have left them at the door!
Instead you come striding in untutored,
Untaught and with wanton disregard for joy
Leaving you to tell tales of what you have learned.

Go enlighten the west with your dishonesty,
To where no peace is living, only the stench
Of perished flesh scaling back of truth…

Copyright © 2007 mrp / thepoetryman

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