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(A Poetic Justice Collage)

Liberals' attempts to silence me by Melanie Morgan
Posted: January 12, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern
The week that was provided interesting examples of how desperate and pathetic liberals have become.
Their lust for political power, after having suffered one election defeat after another, has become so great that they don't seem to be trying too hard to hide the ugly aspects of liberalism. Now that they've won control of Congress, liberals feel emboldened to reveal their true selves.

There is no silence in this; your bitter flesh of hatred,
So you needn’t be troubled, Melanie.
There is no silence in the tooth of horror,
Only bottomless gnashing and writhing
As your noisy maw yammers its own execution.

Those that came before you had a cunning beyond.
They hunted the succulent jade of world peace
While you, in a shadowy globe, conceive defeat
At its charitable hand and see war as stillness;
Peace within your sinister and ailing abhorrence.

There is no silence in this; your bitter flesh of hatred.

You’ve fed upon the flavor of this warring infection
Until your tongue tastes sweet honey, not death.
You cannot be silenced with such dreary senses.
You cannot be hushed or shut up. Your infection
Is too great for those who’ve devoured your birth.

Yours is the vigor of the beast that roots upward
Collapsing the soil which would bring you truth.
Peace is the force of the boulder upon your tusk
As you root `round within yourself for nourishment
Digging past the rancid ooze of hypocrisy and murder.

There is no silence in this; your bitter flesh of hatred
Writhing deep in the festering corpse of your silence.

Copyright © 2007 mrp / thepoetryman


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