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(A Poetic Justice Collage)


(You've written a play, Fool? For whom? The king?)

What is it that you know that we do not?
What is it that a scurrilous-faced fiend
brings to this; the pulsating light?
Why, at the midnight of your age
do you twist such horrible faces
and hurl such abandoned rubbish
upon the ominous lance of vanity?

You’ve neither the will
nor the bravery to soar,
dart yourself in and out of the absurdly pitched quagmire
of red-white-and-blue.

Your demeanor sops the very honey of life,
drains the usefulness of all that is good.

You’ve neither the mindset
nor the nobility to act heroically.
So why do you pretend?
Why do you make-believe
as if you’re anything but what you are;
an inept hack.
A fad.
A clown.
A fool's fool.
A know-nothing pawn.

Your play, in its final act, is a tragedy.

Tell us what you know that is unknown to the eagle?
What would you tell the fish darting in and out
the murky waves scornful of your oily laughter?
How purified things will be after you launch your grimace!

The fish, Ms. Malkin, fear the eagle’s shadow less…

Copyright © 2007 mrp / thepoetryman

Thanks to Sadly No and Crooks and Liars for the inspiration.

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