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(A Poetic Justice Photomontage)

They’d make us believe our problems aren’t theirs,
That your dilemma is alien to them,
That the warrior and the war are strangers,
Unknown to one another- sick, broken, lifeless.
Of course the warrior is not the war,
Yet with war inevitably surfaces the warrior.
Why don’t we see the obvious in this?
We allow the fully soiled, homicidal racket of war
Without a word of objection;
Nuke `em, kill `em,
Blow `em all to
Send the young drones out to slaughter
To annihilate some artificial fear of the moment,
To lie, cheat and swindle the breath of days,
To stink up the earth with the fragrance of failure
At the bidding of the people;
Loose fitting, fleshy corpses
Knitted to wave as flags.

So, as to be expected, upon your sacrifice you
return unknown,
Unrecognizable to our guilt ridden reckoning;
Pitiless schemers grasping for a fix!
Why don’t we see this for what it is?
What could you, or I, have expected?
We are not responsible for your actions!
Your choices are yours
We’ve nothing to do with them!
You can’t lean on anyone now!
You can’t expect anything from us!
You’ve made your bed
Now you’ll damn well lie in it!

The responsibility for the betrayal of our humanity
May not be yours alone to hold,
Yet we will make damn sure to snap your back with it!

We no longer recognize you! You are dead to us!
We do not know the sort of monster you are,
All we know is our pitiless scheming…


And this;

It is not enough that you served with honor
It is not enough that you died for the cause
It is only enough that you are most willing
To die over and over until death has no loss
`til it finds passage through the vein of self
Torturing you through its very pounding...(More...)

Copyright © 2007 mrp / thepoetryman

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