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Guns steadied,
Sky’s sapphire,
Shooter shaken,
Under firmament.

Twisted sense…

If, in the beginning,
We’d have only sent more death-
If, in the beginning,
We’d have only sent more to die-
If, in the beginning,
We’d have simply and entirely strafed-
If only we’d have merely flattened them,
All of their lives…

Twisted sense…

Tell me, O mighty war,
That they did not suffer!
Tell me, O potent combat,
That they didn't needlessly die
For your mantle and plot!
O! Imposing fortitude! Reckless courage!
Noxious warfare! Collateral death!

Twisted sense…

Tell me all the victims
(Guns steadied)
Of our sleet and storm
Suffer less now for it.
That our hands floating
(Under firmament)
Over the distant water have not
Fetched agony and terror
More than before…

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman

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