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العراق - ما من فراغ NO VACANCY

(A Poetic Justice Photomontage)
Al Mansour Hotel - Modern hotel - 26 kms from Baghdad International Airport. Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Spa/Massage, Tennis, Air Conditioning, and a Television!

*Isn’t psychosis dynamic?

1. Oil is environmentally friendly.
2. We can achieve peace through war.
3. We build by destroying.
4. Our hungry are better fed than Africa’s hungry.
5. In a health care grounded in miracles, not medicine.
6. There is no difference between a dead child and a broken doll.
7. The Book of Genesis is a scientific document.

*Gen'ls to Bush: Soldiers not props
A trio of retired generals concerned that President Bush might use his scheduled appearance this afternoon at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to try and score political points against Democrats, urged the president, via a teleconference with reporters, to focus strictly on the problems with military medical care.
The generals were spurred into action by news reports that suggested the president might use the event to take on Democrats as both sides clash over the Iraq and Afghanistan spending bills just passed by the Senate and House which include timelines Bush fiercely opposes for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq.

*Toll rises as Iraq attacks continue
At least 38 people were killed or found dead in bombings in Iraq on Saturday, taking the Iraqi death toll this week to almost 500 people.
The weekly death toll rose after Iraqi police announced that Tuesday's truck bombing in Tal Afar, northwest of Iraq, killed 152 people, making it the deadliest single attack since the war began

Iraqi justice minister resigns
Iraq's justice minister says that he has offered his resignation to the prime minister as a series of bombings left at least 14 people dead across Iraq.
In the capital, Baghdad, on Saturday, a car bomb killed five people and wounded 22 others outside the al-Sadr hospital in Sadr City in Baghdad, police said.

Iraqi towns bury violence victims
The Iraqi government says it is doing its best to stop Iraq reaching a "level of despair" after six days of violence that resulted in 508 people dead.
On Friday, marketplaces in Baghdad and in the towns of Tal Afar and Khalis - devastated by waves of bomb attacks - stood in ruins.

Al-Sadr calls for anti-US protests
Muqtada al-Sadr has blamed the US for Iraq's current woes and called for a mass demonstration on April 9 to mark the fourth anniversary of Baghdad's fall.
The Iraqi Shia leader in a statement on Friday also renewed his call for an immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.
"Fly Iraqi flags atop homes, apartment buildings and government departments to show the sovereignty and independence of Iraq," al-Sadr said in the statement.
"[Show]that you reject the presence of American flags and those of other nations occupying our beloved Iraq," he said.

العراق - ما من فراغ

There is no vacancy here,
You’d best move along.
No street musicians
Playing freedom’s song.
This country’s faded. Fetid.
So, let the red sun set,
The darkness strike.
Let it come running
Or bound at the wrist
Twisting in agony,
The truth hidden in gloom
And lies, their planning.
Let it enter strapped in might,
Plummet like a hawk,
Be over and done with,
Settled once and for all.
The laughter of oily whores
Spilling from the alleyways
With a siren’s throat,
Blow to blow the fist of men.
Let it come drumming,
Pounding like the heart of rage.
Let it be done.
Finish it;
The world’s sour blood.

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

Open Letters to George W. Bush
~Letters to the president from his ardent admirer Belacqua Jones~

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