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O! Put death away! Put death away!

Lower the bloodied dagger to its crypt!
Leave it snuggled with darkness,
To our dreams in cackled night.

Put death away! Put death away!

Shuttle him through the crease of humanity.
Put him down to rest in natural green plain.
Bring him not out to spectacle, child’s eyes.

Leave him slouched within our bladed shadows
Hunkered down in the dark house of mighty Ares’
With shrieking vulture’s span; its howling wind
And the mongrel’s yowl beseeching the moon.

O! Put death away! Put death away!

The corpse shall find its way soon enough.
The precursor of bomb’s the mighty sword,
Slip it bravely within its lengthy scabbard
And give death chance to come forth alone,
Let its scraggly legs wobble and meander
Find its victim in the natural motion of day.

Do not hasten its swooping blade from empire.
O! Put him away! Rest your demise for a while,
Empire will soon fade `way and lose its seed.

No need for death to plant our brazen youth,
Nor puncture hope with its reddening silver.

O! The living!
Put death away! Put death away!

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

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