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O they’ve followed us home!
O home! O home! O home!
They’ve followed us home!
So why are we failing
And so damned alone?

We need see ourselves in their shadow,
If not, then see to their reasons.
Why only listen for their moist-plodding feet
Rumbling our fears rooted in seasons?

Why do we shiver and gasp at their specter;
Ghosts of our own image-and-nation,
Phantoms embarking of invisible caravan
Coming to carry us away from creation?

O home! O home! O homeward they’re marching!
Calling from graves of political deception,
Motioning to us from barren street lamps,
Thrashing down alleys and streaking the sky
Bringing their wrath upon pale conceptions.

O home! O home! O homeward they’re striding!
The least of them nearing our beckoning nation,
Moaning and groaning, intriguing our children
With movie passes and soda and popcorn salvation.

O home! O home! They’re following us home
To sit by the fire and move us to seething,
To cudgel our hopes, mislead and threaten
The chord of our most dire illusions,
Carrying passports to virgins waiting in heaven...

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

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