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Al Gore to Diane Sawyer: "Listen to your questions. You know, the horserace, the cosmetic parts of this — and, look, that’s all understandable and natural. But while we’re focused on, you know, Britney and K-Fed and Anna Nicole Smith and all this stuff, meanwhile, very quietly, our country has been making some very serious mistakes that could be avoided if we, the people, including the news media, are involved in a full and vigorous discussion of what our choices are."

Memorize these words!
Soak them into your soul.
Paint them upon the canvas of consciousness,
For they are the ideal example of truth.
They illuminate what should be our most fundamental flame of citizenry.
Those that heard, or read this, and rolled their eyes
Or laughed with derision, are the problem.
They're sold on the god awful dream of the neocon.

Let these words be emblazoned upon the steps of state houses
And the required oath in schools.
Let it be placed on every pew in the nation.
Let it be sung at baseball games
In place of the national anthem!
This should be the mantra of we the people;

But while were focused on
You know,
And K-Fed
And Anna Nicole Smith
And all this stuff,
Very quietly,
Our country
Has been making some
Very serious mistakes
That could be avoided
If we, the people,
Including the news media,
Are involved in a full
And vigorous discussion
Of what our choices are.

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

Thanks to C&L for the video.

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