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Iraq: The Way Out
The Bush administration often repeats the phrase "When they stand up, we'll stand down".
And in an effort to speed up the process, the US army is training teams of soldiers to embed into the very Iraqi army they once defeated.
Al Jazeera's Josh Rushing follows one such team through training at Fort Riley, Kansas - where the soldiers are supposed to learn culture and language skills to help them "lead from behind" in their new assignment - to Al Hatra, Iraq to find out how training compares to reality.

Sure… there is a way out
There’s also the occasional truth

Of course, lies can be made to fly a longer distance
And have the sheen of certainty

They do not have the smiling faces
Of children with hope of a future

They do not carry supplies to the offended
And they cannot be made to reflect

The dream of every ferocious wolf
Is a world gone mad with sheep

And, inevitably, it ends with everyone soaked in red
Frothing from the cup of empire

Sure… there’s a way out
When war’s the only thing you know

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

Poetryman Productions


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