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Imperialism's Rant

What is one of the bigger problems facing the USA today?

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All the products of people like Ted Nugent, and Ted Nugent, for he is a product of other "Ted Nugent’s", and they are all the byproduct of years and years of the (1) dumbing down of the American education system, particularly K through 12, (2) which includes the educators. They are a product as well of (3) the lack of any worthy historical perspectives and of (4) the growing divide and disconnect between the rich and the middleclass/poor.

(1) George W. Bush: “The illiteracy rate of our children are appalling.”

(2) The educators, both k-12 and college professors, are, in many cases just plain lazy and do not search for the truths under the sheen of their own phantom power, or they have incorporated the lies they’ve been sold into their own fixed paradigm of reality (truth) and then pass this “truth” down from generation to generation until the result is practically impossible to salvage and the “truth” is barely discernable from the lie.

(3) A byproduct of the entrenched lies is the inability for us to view reality with the educated perspective of our own countries history, especially the last fifty years of it. One mention of empire or atrocities perpetrated by the US government and you’re likely to be labeled a “traitor” or a “terrorist”, two readily lobbed words from those with no bona fide perspective.

(4) The divide of rich and poor and its inevitable disconnect are not just a result of “the way the ball bounced”, in other words they are not happenstance. They are a concerted effort to maximize empire. It is designed to line the pockets of the few and place the “slave” population in the untenable position of survival without turning to crime or escaping through drug use, which includes caffeine, nicotine, over the counter type drugs and the illicit types. It’s important to note that the imperialist gets richer from this scenario. Big pharmacy equals big money and is, in and of itself, a virulent and extremely profitable turntable of recidivism. Big Pharma is the energizer bunny for all the other imperialist corporations.

Ted Nugent and the gentleman featured in the video are the direct result of a concerted effort (imperialism) by the powers that be to reduce the debate in this country to a driveling, unimaginative, inane, rant. A rant that benefits neither the speaker nor the listener, all it does is create a greater ignorance and further distances any hope of our actually hearing “the truth”, or better yet, acting upon this truth when we do hear it.

There are also a good number of intelligent people in this country that are just as ignorant, some willful, others not, only these people have positions of power and influence which makes them all the more dangerous to the much needed truth.

Coming after these influential souls, are the true power brokers, the powers that be, as they are oft called. Whether they are the products of willful ignorance or just pure narcissists matters not, for they all stem from the same vine and they know precisely what their actions are producing. Take Iraq for instance; the occupation of Iraq may not seem as it has gone as planned, or even Afghanistan, for that matter, but in truth, it has gone masterfully well for the imperialists.
Follow the money.

It will take many, many years for Iraq to recover from American (imperialistic) intervention, yet, during this time, America will have placed itself strategically within Iraq’s borders and never give her the chance. The imperialist will allow her to resemble a beacon of democracy while not actually ever being one. Appearances can be rather deceiving, especially when viewed through the lens of empire.

The imperialist needs Iraq to be poor and vacant of resistance and empty of rebellious puppets like Saddam Hussein. The imperialist does not want an independent Iraq; it wants an Iraq that is a partner to “US interests” until the time comes that it is drained of any and all resources (oil) and no longer holds any strategic value, save for a pathway toward more conquests. For this reason it is logical, at least to the neocon, that Iran is next in line. It is not because Iran poses a real and lasting threat to its neighbors or to the American people, far from it. If anything Iran is a self-sufficient, self-sustaining state with no more of a crazed and evil man at the helm than has the US, more intelligent, yes, but no more sinister. Iran is self-sustaining and that doesn’t fit the imperial mold; any nation that does not readily allow empire’s temptress to climb into its bed (only to take all the covers) will not be tolerated.

So, as with Iraq, Iran is in the path of the only kind of empire there is; lethal.

If you are not aware that America is indeed a ruthless empire, might I suggest you begin listening to the voices of real power, I mean really listen! Stop merely ingesting their words as an inevitable path that the world is naturally taking and instead begin to dissect their words, test them, and weigh them against the actions of their orator. It matters not the speakers party affiliation, their gender or race or color or religion, for empire recognizes and is allegiant only to empire. The only question that truly matters when it comes to the voices of real power, do their words, combined with their actions, benefit the entire peoples of this world?

Here is my gut and head talking and listening and my eyes witnessing:
Iraq was never meant to be a beacon of democracy for the Middle East to emulate. Never. It is merely a stepping stone for the power hungry elite and has all the bloody markings of empire on the march. It cannot end well, not for the people of the world, unless we begin to listen and act- now...

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

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