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(A Poetic Justice Photomontage)

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O! To believe we are alone!

Place her deeds upon the ground
and the children smile upon them! Race to her side,
their hunger smiling upon the air!
Hands out, eager to accept her truth.
Hands out, smiling for their sustenance.
Hands out, hoping she is their god.
Foolish it may be to hope her a miracle,
foolish it may be to think she’s not.

O! To believe we are alone!

With power’s hunger exorcizing our children’s hope,
with war’s thirst swilling all the rain,
with man’s greed consuming all the air,
must it be a battle of faith to see this;
the world’s offspring reaching, palms up,
their hunger then smiling?

O! To believe we are alone!

Where is your faith in man,
beneath the mist of your untold agony?
Where is your faith in man,
prostrate beneath the dictator’s forsaken glory?
Where is your hope?

O! To be or believe we are alone!

Contemptuous old fools!
No faith in humanity,
unbelieving of anything greater than yourselves,
your tongues move with the same empty prayer!

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

Mother Theresa

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