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Native American Way
Why Autonomous AIM Opposes Columbus Day
and Columbus Day Parades ©
by Glenn Morris and Russell Means

When Taino Indians saved Christopher Columbus from certain death on the fateful morning of Oct. 12, 1492, a glorious opportunity presented itself. The cultures Europe of and the Americas could have merged and the beauty of both races could have flourished. Unfortunately, what occurred was neither beautiful nor heroic. Just as Columbus could not, and did not, "discover" a hemisphere that was already inhabited by nearly 100 million people, his arrival cannot, and will not, be recognized as a heroic and celebratory event by indigenous peoples. Unlike the Western tradition, which presumes some absolute concept of objective truth, and consequently, one "factual" depiction of history, the indigenous view recognizes that there exist many truths in the world and many legitimate recollections of any given historical event, depending on one's perspective and experiences. From an indigenous vantage point, Columbus' arrival was a disaster from the beginning. Although his own diaries indicated that he was greeted by the Taino Indians with the most generous hospitality he had ever known, he immediately began the enslavement and slaughter of the Indian peoples of the Caribbean islands. As the eminent Columbus biographer Samuel Eliot Morison admits in his book, Admiral of the Ocean Sea, Columbus was personally responsible for enslavement and murder of indigenous peoples. He was personally responsible for the design and operation of the encomienda system that tied Indians as slaves to the lands stolen from them by the European invaders. (More...)


For whose worship do the lips of flowers
Find their ashen prayer
And whose truth does the mouth of history open
Whose song do they warble
The captor or the conquered
For whose favor do they tremble

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

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Columbus clip from the movie "Canary"...

Morris: How Columbus Day harms American Indians
Posted: October 04, 2007
Glenn Morris

This column explains why Native people should resist Columbus Day, and why the rejection of the racist philosophy behind Columbus Day may be the most important issue facing Indian country today.

In Colorado, we know something about Columbus Day. We have been working for the past 18 years to dismantle this anti-Indian celebration. Columbus Day was born in Colorado in 1907, the first state to designate the holiday. Over the past 18 years, we have learned a lot about Columbus Day - its origins, its true meanings and its importance to U.S. identity and persistent anti-Indian racism. As a national holiday, Columbus Day has virtually nothing to do with honoring Italian heritage or culture, and it is not about celebrating mutually held values of decency, respect or justice. Columbus Day celebrates two critical developments integral to the establishment and advancement of the United States. First, it celebrates invasion and domination, especially of indigenous peoples' territories; second, and much more importantly, it celebrates the invention and the legal institutionalization of the ''doctrine of discovery.'' (More...)

During the 1970s Bush Sr. masterminded a covert program that sterilized over 40% of Native American women against their will and without their consent...

native people pro vol 1 & 2

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Seventeen States Have Dropped Columbus Day Holiday - State school officials are on record saying it would be harmful to teach young school children about atrocities Columbus committed against Indian men, women and children.

Native American Ways

American Indian Movement

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