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Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Ben Harper and Bonnie Raitt on a petition to Congress to prevent a costly bailout of the nuclear power industry.

Only this remained of the
The thunder slapped greedily
Over the obstinate sky grown low
Striking over collapsed
Remember this is not make-believe
But new, bright and breathing
Of the eagle and the lioness
Seeking mere
Food and water
Writing history with bloody awe
We should have saved the young
And not left idle the spring of man
Charity subdued in loathing
They may now read of this slaughter
Papers insured
Gun's possession
But failed in man’s ache for murder
We shouldn’t recommence our fixation
Wielding science’s crush of matter and atom
Difficult, slow and deliberate is this
dropping overhead, called homeward
To its use;
bathing nations
With the stench of man’s undoing
Something as seemingly negligible
As affirming life in

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

Take Action! Urge congress to fund renewable and efficiency technologies not an unknown number of new power plants.

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